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Isabis sighed rubbing her light blue eyes as she ran a hand through her blonde hair making her way around the territory of the pack hoping to either stumble apond the alpha or at lest spot him. 

She wish to speak to him about the treatment of his son, she wasn't very pleased with how she found him it was lucky he alive but she had been caring for him the last few weeks so he was almost back to his old self which she was happy about she loved him to much to see him in such pain, turning her slightly she spotted the black hair of her alpha "sir " she called picking up her pace as she headed towards him "may I have a word with you?" She asked pausing before him.

Iericho had been enjoying the sun, despite recent events he did not have the level of empathy needed to uphold continuous worry for long. He was pleased that his son was improving, after the events of the day where he had lost his mind in the kitchen, and improvement was reason enough for him to cease his concerns. 

Except for his sanity. 

That he was concerned about, and that concern only grew day by day. Spreading slowly like the black speckles of mould in a damp old house, slowly creeping up and coating the further reaches of his mind. 

Pushing aside thought of his son's worsening condition, the pack alpha had taken himself for a walk through the pack grounds, sticking to the tended gardens and walking the perimeter, keeping his eyes open for any signs of human interference. He was always on the lookout for snares and traps since his last conversation with Isabis, just in case. If his son was so vehemently going to insist on keeping things quiet, he would have to keep an eye out himself as well. 

As he neared the very rear of the gardens he heard a familiar voice, and the tone was not pleasing to his sensitive ears. Turning to face the direction it had come from he stopped and folded his arms, waiting for Isabis to draw close enough to him for them to begin their conversation. He did not like her choice of wording. He did not like the way she scurried towards him with purpose. 

Anger was already beginning to brew within him. 

Isabis sighed " sir I want to speak about your son" she sated looking him in the eyes " I want to know why you almost killed him " she harder her gaze slightly she knew she was going agaisnt him right now " if you rather we go somewhere private to descuss this?" She stated straighting her body out he was still taller then her but that didnt play into his mind holding back the burst inside her as she watched his face, still in possible to read that she hated so.

Crossing her arms ever so lightly as she watched and waited for his next words wondering what they would be abd what emotion will be displayed behind it.

Iericho glowered down at the slender young woman, the difference in bulk between them glaringly obvious. She looked like a mouse staring down a lion. The alpha male's blind eye glinted menacingly in the bright summer sun, like a bloodied gemstone. His eyes bored into her and he seeped the scent of dominance, it hung mustily in the air around him so thickly that even he could smell it; and it is common knowledge that you do not smell your own personal odour. 

His lip curled slightly as he replied, his voice a quiet but firm rumbling as he ordered her. 'You do not stare into the eyes of your alpha, it is not done, did your family before you came here teach you nothing?' His voice became more and more of a snarl as he continued on. 'It is a challenge. Are you challenging me Isabis?' 

He laughed, a gruff sound devoid of humour or mirth, he was angry, and the alpha in him spoiling for a fight. The insolent little bitch was looking to be reprimanded. 

Isabis huffed " Iv no deire to be alpha sir I just want to get my point arcoss , Why did you also kill yor son?" She muttered with a small wolf like snarl " Iv been caring for him the last few weeks he's recovered a lot but we could have skipped all this if you were more of a father" she snorthed resting her hands lightly on her hips she had a point to get across.

" my father told me no father should a hand in that way on their own chiles it's quite rude and goes to shoe your lack of loving" she muttered subconstly bitting her lip she knew she had just over stepped the line quite a few times there bit she wanted answers and she knew being timted and shy was the way to get them.

Iericho stared down at her, her brattish attitude irritating him, she had no right to question anything that he did as an alpha, not when she was without rank. Certainly not with accusatory remarks. 

'If you don't wish to challenge me Isabis then I suggest you stand the fuck down before I accept the implied challenge in your actions and tone.'

He was going to make an example of her, nobody spoke to him that way, no wolf in their right mind challenged their alpha unless they wished to either be kicked out of take the top spot in the pack. 
Stepping closer to her he loomed over her, putting one heavy hand on her shoulder, gripping with his fingers just hard enough to show his dominance and prevent her from squirming out of his grip. His lips were curled into an animal snarl then that looked totally out of place on his human features. Inside his mind the wolf in him had its hackles up and its tail flagged high in the air. He could not help the snarl that escaped him. 

'I htink you need to learn the way that a REAL pack works Isabis, and that is not how you seem to think. Firstly, I have no idea what you're talking about, I didn't kill my son, he is alive and well, and if you had an ounce of sense you'd realise that by staying with him for those first 24 hours, by treating him with the tincture and staying by his side... I saved. his. life.' Every word was raised louder than the last until he was roaring with rage, spittle flying from his mouth and his free hand balled tightly into a fist by his side. 

'As for your father, the man who sent away his child! I have no desire to take advice from one too weak to even keep his own child in check, a real wolf does not simply expel their family when they become inconvenient!' 

He rose his free hand to her throat and tipped back her head so that he was staring hard into her eyes, his gaze unrelenting and full of rage. He leaned in until his nose was almost touching hers and hissed into her face. 'I would like to tell you firmly that you have no place challenging me, raising your voice to me or making accusations about my skills as a father. I kept that boy alive when all others wanted him dead, do you know how many wolves died that night to preserve his life you uppity little bitch?! More than one! I did my duty as a father and I do so every day! I also do my duty as an alpha, and I am good at both, my reputation would tell you so, your own parents might not have been so keen to send you here otherwise hmm...?'

He released his grip on her and stepped back a pace, still shouting, still livid. 'I don't suppose you spoke about why I did what I did? He's going slowly mad Isabis, he changes outside the full moon and it takes its toll after a time. He launches random attacks, I had to do what I did or I'd have lost a leg! Would any other wolf have tolerated that? NO! I do what I do out of loyalty and love. Don't you dare fucking question me!!!' 

He stepped closer once again, grabbing her arms and hissing 'and don;t you breathe a word of any of this to anyone or you'll be out of this pack, do you understand me?! My son's condition is his business and mine no one else's!'

Isabis grunted as she refused to look up at him " this is my bussiness to sir as his soon to be mate I have the right to know" as the words left her lips she soon regretted it Albion had wanted to keep it a secret between the to but in her rage she had gone and told him, would Albion still trust her god she hoped so " Im well a where of the effects he's having Im the one that sits there and listen to him talk " she stated small amounts of tears in her light blue eyes began to fall " you have no clue how he really feels what he tells me he refuse to tell you knowing you'll look down on him because of it" she said pulling back agaisnt his grip.

" I do not wish to rank higher then beta femaily I have no Desiree to be higher then that, your son is the love of my life the reason I get up ever day" she muttered looking away with a sigh " he's kind gently and loving when it's just me till he see you then he becomes hard and unwilling to talk, I just wish for him to be happy and never in fear that is own father would end his life" she growled slightly.

Iericho curled his lip at the youngster, releasing his grip on her and stepping back.He never stopped glaring at her face, despite her refusal to meet his gaze, he had to assert his dominance. 

'You're not hearing me Isabis. LISTEN. I have zero desire to murder my own flesh and blood, as I have JUST STATED I have killed others just to keep him alive. On the day of his birth, and since then, many have died to preserve his life. The belief in his curse is so strong that people are terrified of him, and would kill him in a moment without my protection. Think about that.'

He sighed exasperatedly, she was so set on being the one to somehow save him, that she wasn't hearing reason. He was angry enough that he couldn't be kinder to her however, she had gone about things in the wrong way. Stupid girl. 

'Try to think of it this way, I raised that boy, fed him, clothed him, protected him, trained him into the capable, formidable were you are so smitten with. He knows that I have a duty to do with the pack, that I have a position to uphold, and that if I lose it he will be cast out of killed... And the death of a cursed one is not a kind passing, did you know that Isabis? To remove the curse on the land he would have to be quartered with silver wire. He would need an iron blade driven through his skull, his body would have to be burned. Is that what you want for him?'

His tone had lowered but his words were still acid and sharp.

'Or perhaps think of it this way. If it had been you in that kitchen? because he is certainly capable of attacking those close to him with intent to kill. What would you have done if he had tried to gnaw off your leg, let him do it, let him eat you? Because thats what he would have done Isabis. Madness is not predictable, you cannot ever be entirely safe. I did what I had to do to preserve my life and therefore his life!' 

He turned and stormed away, back towards the mansion. Suddenly stopping and turning on his heels, realising that he had not quite finished his speech. 

'He has to have respect for me or he is done for, get that into your head. and as for you, I require a display of submission Isabis, you've been confrontational, I cannot abide that.'

Isabis sniffed looking down whipping the ters away "s..sir please wait I have more to say " she muttered moving after him gripping his arm lightly before quickly letting ago in fear he would reacted badly "I..Im sorry for what I said and how I acted , it's just...he's the first one Iv grown close to since being sent here, I don't see him no different to the others I want him to have some to love , someone he can talk to some on who will be there for him till their death, I want to be the one he needs but I guess even I can fill that he already has you, he had no need for the likes of me " she sniffles truning away whipping her eyes. "Im just a burden on him always trying to make him see what he's not" she sighed looking down.

"I..Im sorry for wasting your time sir " she muttered and began to walk off her tear stained cheeks shining in the sun as she walked "it would be best if I wasn't even here " she muttered.

Iericho agitatedly pulled his arm away from her, he did not like to be touched at the best of times, not when he had not initiated that contact. 

As she began to walk away he called out to her, though he did not follow her, she needed time to think about her rash actions. 

'Nobody can get by with only the companionship of their parents. He needs a friend as much as you do Isabis. You went about things the wrong way, but do not think that you must leave if you truly do love him. Be more careful with your words in future, that is all.'

He turned and walked away, his inner wolf still bristling, though having managed to stop her angry tirade without the need for violence he was beginning to calm. He shouted over his shoulder. 

'I believe he is fond of you too. Don't throw away a good thing for the sake of a moment of anger Isabis.' 

He wanted his son to find acceptance, but if she stepped out of line again, she would have to go. 

Isabis looked at him with a sigh "yes sir thank you sir I don't want him to feel alone anymore then " she muttered looking down "Im sorry for that I hope I can become what he needs " she sighed with a small smile "I don't want to over step again I don't want you made at me if I do become more with albino I would like your blessing" she stated with a sigh.

Iericho did not know how to respond to that, she had barrelled in, all guns blazing, livid and accusatory, and now she wanted his blessing? 

It was not that easy, if she was unpredictable she could be as much a danger to Albion as those who actively wanted him dead. 

Turning to face her and stopping in his tracks he sighed. She was irritating him then, the anger was fading, but she was persistent, like a gnat buzzing around his head. 

He wanted to swat her away, but restrained himself.

'If you want my blessing Isabis then you need to prove yourself to be a stable, reliable, non confrontational were. He needs a good, strong, calming woman if he is to have any at all. Do you understand?'

Isabis looked up at him before looking down "yes sir ill do my best, is there anything you would like me to do for at this time Albion is resting so he won't be up for a few hours?" She asked looking up at him her head cocked lightly with a glump she could sense the angery in his face and really felt bad for pissing him off as much as she did. 

Iericho could not quite believe how sudden the change in her attitude had been. One minute she had been looking fit to fight, the next she was meek as a lamb. 

He much preferred the latter. 

'Head to the kitchens and prepare him a good meal, just make sure he is taken care of Isabis.' 

He turned to walk away from her then, fed up of the entire conversation. He did not look to see if she followed him, he intended to head to his study for a while, to take a look at the paperwork he had uncovered regarding Malcom Ferret. He wanted peace and quiet for that. 

Isabis sighed bowing to him "yes sir ill do my best" she sighed before heading off to the kitchen with a sigh rubbing her eyes as she began to make Albion a big meal full of meat and vegetables knowing it would do him good.
LOTL: Putting you in your place
An RP between blueshinewolfstar1 and ModMii

Isabis - normal belongs to me 
Iericho- bold belongs to ModMii 

7 XP both characetrs 
LOTL: Isabis  Ngyen ( something Beautiful) by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTL: Isabis Ngyen ( something Beautiful)
( sorry if it's a bit all over the place I have a mass headache and sore throat ) 

Name :
 Isabis Nguyen 
Nickname : N/A 
Birth Date: 30/04/1996 
True Age: 24,
Appeared Age: 19 (has a child like appearce to her) 
Body Frame: on the thin side but not overall thin like many would think. Has a strong build for a female able to hold her own. 
Height: 163.9 cm (5' 4.5")
Weight: 67.2 kgs (147.9 lbs)
Muscle Mass: don't let her skinny body fool you Isabis can be quite lazy when it comes to work, she prefers to lay around and lap it up. 
Gender : Female 
Orientation: straight 
Rank : subordinate 
Pack:  Black Meadow Estate
Personality :  Isabis is quite the lazy female she prefers to sleep the day away however is if something she like she will not hesitate to do. She can be loud and noise from time to time with small burst of engery before just dropping where she feels and refuse to move unless there's food involved. She does take care of herself bathing every night and rolling in some scented flower from time to time.

Brief History : Isabis comes a long line of works from the far off land of Australia, Northern territory  where her parents work as farmers growing the local crops. They loved it up there till one full moon it all changed. after aciddlently getting spotted by a tourist a local hunt was on for the nightmare of Uluru , they called her. Her parents soon caught on and through it was best to send her far away for safety , so the night after the full moon they packed her bags and sent her one her way much against her will, she never  saw or heard from her family since that night.  

Race:  Australian , was sent over as a young kid for safety  

 slight Australian accent (may talk in slang from time to time) 

Clothing in human form: light blue underwear. A white dress with small clear straps to hold it up. From time to time can be seen wearing a black jacket. 

Piercings: a single silver stud in ear ear

Worn Accessories: black cowboy hat ( optional) 

Distinguishing features: a small eagle shaped birthmark on her right breast 

Her parents: she miss them dearly and wonders what happen to them.
her pack: well just their her family now and she fine with that 
Albion - She has struck a friendship with him and glade by that and hopes to become more closer to him.
Iericho - he's here leader and she respects him greatly for that , she hasn't had much to with him but hopes to change that in the future.

Role Play Example : A deep lonely sigh left the white females lips as she rested one the roof of the house watching the stars thinking of her parents, what happen after she left did the town find out about they miss her as much as she miss them? This she will never know but yet she long to know.

shaking her head maybe she dwelled in the past to much it was time to look towards the future and that's what she was going to do, with one last look she pulled herself up from the cold roof and head inside , flopping down in the bed and she was out like a lightly.  

Other : 

- 1x silverweed 

companion: an 
Ermine named Nemo

XP Earned : 862

15-for ref 
15- The pale ones
40 - An unlikely friendship part 1
30- An unlikely friendship part 2
15-Secret meting place
5-Moon light walk
55-Midnight walk
60-walk through the woods
65- that special place
95- Black Meadow Estate pack
195- Id walk 500 miles
65- What are you
55- Hunt
25- Day in the life of Isabis
55- under the yellow sky
65- Foraging what is that
7- Putting you in your place

both would base ModMii 
Human/ Designer lighteningfox
Character blueshinewolfstar1 
Group: :iconlair-of-the-lycan: 
DOI: Lost In the Echo by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: Lost In the Echo
A glance into vitos past, he was constly abused  by his mothers boyfriend who she started dating right often his fathers murder.  In this image he is 13 and lived this way till he reach 19 where he murdered his mother and her boyfriend. 

The scar seen on his wrist on his red sheet isn't a bite wounds it from the cuff had dug into him,he was chained along in the bed room for years. Cuff not shown in this image.
LOTL: {Foraging} what is that? by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTL: {Foraging} what is that?
Something spoked Isabis while she was out walking in the woods. 
DOI: Last man standing by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: Last man standing
Seems Rikers pissed someone off Xp they gave him quite the beating, poor boy been through so much, wonder who it was???.

despite Rikers being pain he refused to show his weak side to anyone but his family.  If his left arm looks distracted that because it is he's also walking with a tirrble limp right now Xp.

Im quite proud of this image even if Rikers is all bloody and bruised, not to happy with the background at all, wasn't in the mood at the time to draw a detailed one wish I did now though, stuiped program refreshed on me and I lost where I was up to Xp

Rikers blueshinewolfstar1
LOTl: Luna nightingale by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTl: Luna nightingale
New girl ill be bring in :3 she a golden colour wolf with Bi-colour eyes , left- blue right -brown 

Name :
 Luna Nightingale 
Nickname : N/A 
Birth Date: (What day, month, and year was your character born?)
True Age: 127
Appeared Age: 24 
Body Frame: slander body , she loves to take care of her complication
Muscle Mass: very athletic , loves a good run or hunt 
Gender :  Female 
Orientation: straight 
Rank : subordinate
Pack: Black Meadow Estate
Personality :  a sweet carming young women , she loves to help though often gets scard easily and will do anything to please her alpha, of whom she has taken quite a likening to. Can have a hard side to her at times but most she is sweet and caring .

Brief History : 

Race:  French 

 has a very faint French accent and some wordss can be hard to understand 

Clothing in human form: black jeans, white singlet and black jacket from time to time, black flat slip ons.

Piercings: single gold studs in each ear.

Worn Accessories: N/A 

Distinguishing features: scar to her right wrist from a trap she got cuaght in


Role Play Example : 

Other : N/A

XP Earned :

human lines by lighteningfox 
LOTL: under the yellow sky by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTL: under the yellow sky
Another Foraging image for Isabis , walking deeper into the wounds and past a small lake that doesn't look likely drink from it. 
LOTl: NPC werewolf hunter (will hunter) by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTl: NPC werewolf hunter (will hunter)
Free to use and play him as you want 

name: Will hunter 
age: 25 years 
wears all black but his undershirt which is white,covers it up when he's hunting , Pefers to hunt at night but will go during the day tends to take to the shade to bleand in.
LOTL: Day in the life of Isabis by blueshinewolfstar1
LOTL: Day in the life of Isabis
Day 1- takes a walk with Nemo 
Night time- howls at the moon
middle of the day- sniffs around to find a snack
dusk- something catches her eyes what is it a hunter? 

20 XP 


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Warr dog imports
Warr dog Imports *open * by blueshinewolfstar1
i047   Warr dog import for tearthewolfpup by blueshinewolfstar1
i046  Warr dog import for VergeringOnInsanity by blueshinewolfstar1
common colours only 

please fill this out:
coat colour: 
white markings: 
eye colour: 
tail type:
ear type: 
Lakotha shephered dogs Imports
Lakotha dog imports set 1- closed by blueshinewolfstar1
Lakotha single import *sold* by blueshinewolfstar1
Late Helloween Lakotha dog imports *Closed* by blueshinewolfstar1
Lakotha Imports set 2 for helloween  *closed * by blueshinewolfstar1
personal lakotha dog import by blueshinewolfstar1
1 or a set of Lakotha imports.

- natural colours only no rare ones you must have a Lakotha dog license :3 
Chibi title sheets
Maaya:Mass Title Sheet 2 by blueshinewolfstar1
Maaya:Mass Title Sheet by blueshinewolfstar1
Bella's Flyball titles by blueshinewolfstar1
HTK's IMKs Bush Tucker Disc titles by blueshinewolfstar1
Abioye weight pulling titles by blueshinewolfstar1
Shallot title sheet 3 by blueshinewolfstar1
Chibi versions of your dog or dogs doing the titles you asked 

can do traditional one which can hold more titles but my photos are very bad quilty like the one above 
Stray city art
sc:Newbie Pt1 by blueshinewolfstar1
dunkle schicksal packen   Emris by blueshinewolfstar1
Checking the bonders by blueshinewolfstar1
Mika by blueshinewolfstar1
Friends by blueshinewolfstar1
Ok I'll do any art for stray city, test images, refs and just images.
Den of iniquity
Tsukiko Hitachi (DOI) by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: Eleebana Kolora headshot by blueshinewolfstar1
dont worry Im here for you by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI:what do I do by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: the one who entertains by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI:Japanese's Finest by blueshinewolfstar1
Will do 
-ref images 

and more to come
DOCC Drawings
DOCC:Roxanne by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:Secret meeting place by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:the Sexy Assasin by blueshinewolfstar1
Dont Listen To Them by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:CJJ by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:In deep through by blueshinewolfstar1
any kind of art for DOCC i will do, wither it be a headshot arutho art, handdrawing , all these will have full colour, shading and background.


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You have been invited to our private show! :la: we'd love it if you joined, but don't feel obligated in any way :)
blueshinewolfstar1 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
TsonianFieldsRanch Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
GAH! Your art is so cute. <33333 I just asked for a title commission, cuz I HAVE to have some of this gorgeous art. XD
blueshinewolfstar1 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks that means a lot :) 
TsonianFieldsRanch Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :D
blueshinewolfstar1 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
It should hopefully be up sometime Tomrrow 
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CanadianKennels Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Thanks for the watch :D 
blueshinewolfstar1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Anytime love your kelpie I have two females and one male 
CanadianKennels Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
I will be importing some more kelpies and aint she a doll <3 I love seven :D 
blueshinewolfstar1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome carnet wait to see them  and yes she is a real beaut 

These are mine :
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