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IMKs Murder victim WIp by blueshinewolfstar1
IMKs Murder victim WIp
Will Finnish Tomrrow , our baby he so cute and look that face he's going to be great with a our Yukon Mastiff pup we are getting 
IMKs  The Muder She Wrote by blueshinewolfstar1
IMKs The Muder She Wrote
{Basic inforamtion}

Registered name: IMKs The Muder she Wrote 
Call Name: meria 
Gender: female 
Age:  2 years
Colour : White with red war paint
Eyes:   Blue 
Breed : Rumi Sonqo 
Discipline:  agility , hunting. , conformation 

Sire:  stater 
SS X SD: starter x stater 

Dam: Stater 
DD x DS: stater x stater 

Litter sheet: Blueshines-Import


{other information on dog}


{other images of the dog}


Show entered:
Conformation titles:
Working titles:

{Breeding status}

Health test: No

Bullet; Red not enough titles
Lines accepted: 
{slots} (5 points per slot)
Slot 1: 
Slot 2: 
Slot 3: 
Slot 4: blueshinewolfstar1 - Home breeding 
{Groups Featured In}


{point systems}


Inherited : 

Purebred litter : 
Dogs in Pedigree: 


Littersheet : 4
Show & Event: 
Full body, fullbackground: 
Full body, nobackground:
Semi body, fullbackground: 
Semi body, nobackground:
Breeding pictures:
Character Sheet: 1
Non-animated pixel art:
Small animated pixel icon:
Medium animation: 
Large animation: 


General needs:


(Conformation titles)






(Working titles)  

Total: 169 

Owner   :iconblueshinewolfstar1:
art / desinger r :iconmodmii: 
DOi: Agni full horned by blueshinewolfstar1
DOi: Agni full horned
His Horns are clipped down to prevent damage to the guards , but I'd hate to be the one repsoabliy for doing that. 
Iv re-started IMk and now Waltzing Matilda Kennels 

The following dogs are up for grabs.

Annie Vom Avant Garde by blueshinewolfstar1
Waiting for repose from breeder :iconavantgardekennels: 
- long bloodline 
Honored ranked 

WMK's angel night by blueshinewolfstar1
No art free to good home

WMKs MoonFlower's Woodland Serenade by blueshinewolfstar1 :new: Sold :new: 
Original Designer :icongreyisleranch: 
  • Mood: Artistic
:new: I will move two warr dogs a month or so yo IMK folder all other warr dogs become frozen for that month. :new: 

Breeding-rules (need to fix up) 
IMK-Site-map (redoing)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kennel dogs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We bred the following dogs: 
- Warr dogs 
- Rumi Sonqo
- Yukon Mastiff
- Umbria Bull Hound 

current dog count: 9

Current dogs: 

IMKs Mindless self Indulgence (Novice) by blueshinewolfstar1
- IMKs Mindless Self Indulgence
- Female (2 years) 
Umbria Bull Hound 
- Novice rank
- Breeding closed 

IMk's Forgtten warr hero Di FWK by blueshinewolfstar1
- IMKs Forgotten Warr Hero
- male (1 year) 
- Warr dog
- rank Unknown
- Breeding closed
RBPIS Tranquil's Lullaby for a Stormy night by blueshinewolfstar1
- Tranquil's Lullaby for a stormy night
- female (1 year) 
- Warr dog
- Rank Unknown 
- Breeding closed

IMKs  The Muder She Wrote by blueshinewolfstar1
-  IMKs The Muder she wrote 
- Female (2 years) 
Rumi Sonqo
- rank unknown
- Breeding closed

CSM Red as the blood that you spill Di IMK by blueshinewolfstar1
- CSM Red as the blood that you spill Di IMK
- male (2 years) 
Rumi Sonqo
Platinum rank
- Breeding closed

Halloween Magious and Rumi Sonqo import auction by ModMii (#7)
- IMKs Murder victim
-  Male (7 weeks) 
Rumi Sonqo
- Rank Unknown
- Breeding closed

Bournehouse Dancing Master  Di IMk by blueshinewolfstar1
Bournehouse Dancing Master  Di IMk
- Male (2 years)
Yukon Mastiff
- rank unknown 
- Breeding closed

IMk's Snow White angle by blueshinewolfstar1
- IMKs Snow White angel 
- Female (2 years)
Yukon Mastiff
- Rank Unknown 
- Breeding closed

(no ref image yet , waiting for it be posted) 
- IMKs Out of the fox hole 
- Male (7 weeks)
Yukon Mastiff
- Rank Unknown 
- Breeding closed

Yukon Mastiff and Warr dog :iconlighteningfox: 
Rumi Sonqo :iconmodmii: 
Umbria Bull Hound  :iconredrumrebel: 
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Radio
  • Drinking: Flavoured water
My lines VS image by blueshinewolfstar1
My lines VS image
Ok guys this is the on,y thing ill post like this, as you can see my lines above the image I based it off , you can have fun trying to line it up but you won't, BECAUSE IT'S NOT TRACED LIKE ALL MY ART!!!!
Larentia 163 by TotemSpirit

Registered name: Larentia
Nickname(s): Lare
ID number: 163
Owner: :iconblueshinewolfstar1:
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Genotype: ee/aa/TT/nM/nA
Phenotype: Marked tundra with accents
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 892 lbs
Heirarchy status: AVERAGE
Rites of Fertility: 1/3
        ✓ Rite of Merit: Passed with average score.
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.

Personality: Slightly skittish girl, her name stands true. She's quick and nimble, easily overtaking all of her packmates. While she is skittish, do not mistake her for being shy. She can get extremely sassy when she wants to. She tends to bite her tongue unless it's for something very important, prefering to sit and watch than to partake in aimless talking. Isi does not like male attention in the least and snaps when a male comes to close unless it's Nanuk, whom she has a slight crush on. She is not a motherly figure in any way; in fact she rather hates pups and will go out of her way to stay away from them. When hunting, she scares the prey into the rest of the packs paws, often bringing them down by outrunning them and jumping on their back. 

Isi was born to wild parent's who were later shot for their pelts by illegal hunters when she was just a three months old. She was hand reared, but still sometimes doesn't fully trust humans, in fact she tends to stay away from them. The most antisocial in the whole pack by far.

- Wild trait:
    5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned 
    Ice fishingIce racingSled racing, and Hunting competitions.

------------------------------------------ SSS:Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Akycha 04 by noebelle
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD:Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Tavrani 14 by noebelle
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


Toka ( hunting) by blueshinewolfstar1 = 5 HP

Larentia... by Soyala-Silveryst (= 4 fish brought back) = 5HP

Musical art:
Fish stealer by blueshinewolfstar13.5 HP
This sucks :( by blueshinewolfstar1 = 1 HP
Toka: Gotta keep the human warm by blueshinewolfstar1 = 5 HP 

rite of Merit:
Im here little fish (Rite of Merit) by blueshinewolfstar1= 5 HP

Rite of Fortitude:
Toka (Rite of Fortitude) by blueshinewolfstar1 = 5 HP

rite of the hunt: 
Total HP: 29.5 /250 HP 
  • Mood: Neutral
DOI: Agni (One who is feared) Headshot by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: Agni (One who is feared) Headshot
This guys is a well known and fears fighter. His bloodline contest of many past champion fighters and dates back to the very first fighter the red eye'ed devil. A large german shepherd male. Agni has now counted that bloodline by not only becoming a champion himself but also one of the most feared even the guards are afaird to move him. He is gay but will sleep with females when made to. 

More will come has I plan him out...


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~~~~~~~~~~~ Breeder of the merit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

:thumb373543442: Breeder if the Merit IMk by blueshinewolfstar1

:bulletred: Kennel registry :bulletred:
breeding license
Tribus Cavisse License by blueshinewolfstar1
Glacier husky by blueshinewolfstar1
Uchiha Breeding License by blueshinewolfstar1
Lakotha dog by blueshinewolfstar1
Northern-Jaro   License by blueshinewolfstar1
breeding license by blueshinewolfstar1
Military kennel by blueshinewolfstar1
YAY by blueshinewolfstar1
Malay devil License by blueshinewolfstar1
Rifle dog License by blueshinewolfstar1
Feather-Tailed Springer License by blueshinewolfstar1
Mojave Cactus dog License by blueshinewolfstar1
Jakthund License by blueshinewolfstar1
Warr dog Licence by blueshinewolfstar1
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Breeding rules :bulletblack: Please read :bulletblack:

:bulletred: Best friends here on DA :bulletred:

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Reservations in litters
reduced costs for litters- by 5 points
Priorty over puppies in litters unless already picked by a Elite
reduced breeing fees- by 5 points
you may co-own dogs once paid fee - 2 points


-No fees on pups
-get first look over littler before born
-no breeding fees
- free drawings of their dogs
- No fee on co-owing dogs

:bulletpink: Stamps :bulletpink:

I Support Spock - CHG 2013 *Supporter Stamp* by North-Front
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Northern Jaro Owner stamp by Kique7
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Warr dog imports
Warr dog Imports *open * by blueshinewolfstar1
i047   Warr dog import for tearthewolfpup by blueshinewolfstar1
i046  Warr dog import for VergeringOnInsanity by blueshinewolfstar1
common colours only 

please fill this out:
coat colour: 
white markings: 
eye colour: 
tail type:
ear type: 
Lakotha shephered dogs Imports
Lakotha dog imports set 1- closed by blueshinewolfstar1
Lakotha single import *sold* by blueshinewolfstar1
Late Helloween Lakotha dog imports *Closed* by blueshinewolfstar1
Lakotha Imports set 2 for helloween  *closed * by blueshinewolfstar1
personal lakotha dog import by blueshinewolfstar1
1 or a set of Lakotha imports.

- natural colours only no rare ones you must have a Lakotha dog license :3 
Chibi title sheets
Maaya:Mass Title Sheet 2 by blueshinewolfstar1
Maaya:Mass Title Sheet by blueshinewolfstar1
Bella's Flyball titles by blueshinewolfstar1
HTK's IMKs Bush Tucker Disc titles by blueshinewolfstar1
Abioye weight pulling titles by blueshinewolfstar1
Shallot title sheet 3 by blueshinewolfstar1
Chibi versions of your dog or dogs doing the titles you asked 

can do traditional one which can hold more titles but my photos are very bad quilty like the one above 
Stray city art
sc:Newbie Pt1 by blueshinewolfstar1
dunkle schicksal packen   Emris by blueshinewolfstar1
Checking the bonders by blueshinewolfstar1
Mika by blueshinewolfstar1
Friends by blueshinewolfstar1
Ok I'll do any art for stray city, test images, refs and just images.
Den of iniquity
Tsukiko Hitachi (DOI) by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: Eleebana Kolora headshot by blueshinewolfstar1
dont worry Im here for you by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI:what do I do by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI: the one who entertains by blueshinewolfstar1
DOI:Japanese's Finest by blueshinewolfstar1
Will do 
-ref images 

and more to come
DOCC Drawings
DOCC:Roxanne by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:Secret meeting place by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:the Sexy Assasin by blueshinewolfstar1
Dont Listen To Them by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:CJJ by blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC:In deep through by blueshinewolfstar1
any kind of art for DOCC i will do, wither it be a headshot arutho art, handdrawing , all these will have full colour, shading and background.


blueshinewolfstar1 has started a donation pool!
212 / 1,000
Alrighty hello everyone and welcome to my Donate pool ;3

This where all the points from ya buying your new pups, commission or other drawings goes.

Saving up to afforded some awesome commissions from some Awesome artist.

Buy for now , blueshine

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These are mine :
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